Unable to navigate to next page ionic v5

I am trying to migrate my application from ionic v3 to v5 and facing below navigation issue. Thanks for help in advance.

While navigating from page1 to page2, page2’s, constructor(), ngOnInit() methods are executing ,also apis are fetching the data and injecting to the instance variables.
But instead of showing page2, page1 only displaying. So navigation is not happening.
I have tried angular routing,
// this.router.navigate([’/page2’], {state: {item: moreOptions }});
And also tried NavController’s navigateForward methods.
// this.navCtrl.navigateForward([’/page2’], navigationExtras);

But neither is showing page2.

In console also i did not see any errors, and ionic build also did not give any errors.

I use a custom remember service to transfer information between pages.

I then ensure that my paths are defined in the routing module, e.g. { path: ‘further/:id’ … }. I generally give the path an ID so I can pass state around.

I then use a much simpler form of routing, e.g.

this.navCtrl.navigateBack(’/iwill/view’); - where view is the state in this case. Without the state the page would be ‘/iwill’.

The documentation doesn’t identify the second parameter for navCtrl. I use this structure to get the state on the next page.

var gid = this.route.snapshot.paramMap.get(‘id’);

based on the activated route from “import { ActivatedRoute } from ‘@angular/router’;”.

If I am transferring data I put it into the remember service on the first page and then get it on the next page.

This all works for me with 31 pages.

I hope this helps.