Navbar extra space on top in iOS

Hi All,

I’m trying the following nav-bar in ionic2 and getting some extra spaces on top of the nav-bar in iOS.

	  <ion-navbar color="QCTSuppliers">
	    <ion-buttons end>
	      <button ion-button icon-only class="option option-logout" (click)="logout()"><ion-icon name="log-out"></ion-icon></button>
	<ion-content class="contacts-page-content">

In the following screenshot we can see the extra space on top of Favorites header:

I tried overridding the SAAS variables $navbar-ios-height: 35px; and
$toolbar-ios-height: 35px;. But it is not reducing the top space. I’ve searched in this blog as well as on google. Couldn’t find a solution/workaround for this issue.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


This issue is still not resolved. Please help if possible.


I’m having the same. Any solution to this?