Nav.push causing Google Map to freeze

I’m expecting a cyclic navigation between two pages, one having Ionic Native Google Maps (Page 1) and other displaying JSON data (Page 2).

Expected navigation: Page 1 <-----> Page 2 (Cyclic)

I have a button on each page which navigates to the other page. Page 1 and Page 2 are used inside the navigation menu using NavController setRoot. When I try to push Page 1 from Page 2, the map freezes. Instead of using nav.push, if I use nav.setroot for navigation the map doesn’t freeze for few iterations but around 6 times it freezes again. I want to have the navigation history and allow the user to go back and forth between pages while the map is not frozen. I don’t see any errors thrown either in iOS or Android.

When I investigated the issue, I understood that when the user pushes to Page 1, the Google Map still exists in the stack which causes the frozen state. I would really appreciate if somebody could guide me on tackling this issue?