NavController push() loading issue after 6th page in Android


I am having a navigation flow of 10+ pages, in my application,
I am using NavController push() for navigating from one page to another.
But the html page does not load properly in Android, if i push 6th page in my NavController instance variable.
The page starts flickering and seems html rendering issue.

If i use setRoot() anywhere in between of my navigational hierarchy then all page loads perfectly.
Also, I did not observe this issue in iOS platform. NavController push() works perfectly in iOS.


I need support for the above mentioned issue.
This is a critical issue for us and not able to find any solution.
I am facing the above issue on Android version 7 - Nougate.
Please help…


Can i get any support for the above mentioned issue?
I could only understand the root cause of the issue is pushing 5+ pages in NavController.
I am attaching the developed page, how it looks like.

If push after pushing 5 pages.

If push within 5 pages.


You probably aren’t getting responses because other people aren’t running into the problem. I think there’s something special in your code. It doesn’t sound like a NacController issue per se. That said, why do you need to go 10 deep if your screens are like the one you showed? It looks as though you could create modals and store the answers to your questions (and other state information) in a provider. So I’m not sure why you would need to have a nav stack that was more than 2 pages deep.