Nav-bar back-button overlaps title

When clicking through my application I very often get this result. it is known bug or am I doing something wrong?

First screenshot: title thinks there is no back button but it is there
Second screenshot: title things there is back button but there isn’t any.

I’m using beta 13.

Nobody encountered this issue?

I did some research with these results:

Screenshot 1:
I have 4 tabs in my application and multiple views in each tab. The error appears when I navigate to the tab 1 (no back button since I’m on its first view), then I navigate to the tab 2 and to the another view within this tab. Back button appears for the tab 2.

Then I navigate to the tab 1. The placeholder for back button is displayed even though tab 1 has no navigation history - it probably “inherits” the history from the tab 2 which I came from.

When I navigate to the tab 2 again, the back button is overlapping the title of the tab 2 - back button is (and should be) there since I lend on the second view within the tab 2 but for the title the information about the button is probably missing so the title has no left margin and overlaps the back button.

Screenshot 2:
The overlapping problem also occurs, when you navigate from Page 1 to Page 2 and both have the same title. After changing the title it works.

Can I issue a bug report somewhere if nobody is not aware of it here?

Hey there @alfons12, hmm, I remember this being an issue in the past, but it should have been taken care of.

Any chance you could put together a quick codepen where you see this?

Hey Mike, just add align-title=“left” to the demo codepen and bang :slight_smile: See attached screenshot.

Another thing is that if there is a back arrow on both tabs and you navigate between the tabs, the arrow is “less white”, looks like shaded.

Ahh alright. I was thinking something different hah :smile:

Alright, so this is going to be fixed in our wip-nav branch. We’re testing it out this week to hopefully get it merged into master.

Thanks :wink: So it should be in the nightly build in the next week and then in beta14, right?

Mike, is there a record for this on Github so that I can check the current status, please? I couldn’t find it. Thx.

So that wip-nav branch has been merged into master, just letting it sit there for a bit to make sure we fixed any other issues.

Should be able to just reference the nightly builds to see the new fix.