Native view of the components on Android


There are any ways to get all the components appear as native on android? Replacing the .css file or anything else …


Hello !
You could try Fries :

A neat CSS project to mock all ICS components !
But I’m not sure it would fit with ionic !


I’m sure with some work in the sass files you could make your own “android-themed” style. In my opinion though If you’re doing cross platform development, its nice to create a consistent look and feel to brand everything. That way when people download your app, they know its yours. Just some food for thought.


We’ve tried to keep the css minimal enough you can customize it to your needs, so making it look more Android is certainly up to you.

Our opinion is that we don’t want to necessarily encourage replicating platforms down to the pixel. But I’ll admit we’re more iOS7 than we are Android. Ultimately we just want apps to look good, regardless of what platform its on.

@Ben wrote a good blog about it recently: