Native camera causing virtual scroll list to be empty on return


I have a ion-list with virtual scroll that opens each item’s details on tap.

The details page consists of three ion-segments (tabs). One of the segments allows the user to take pictures and save them to the file system linking the image to the record.

If I open the details page (push) and go back to the list (pop) the items are still there. However if I open the details page and use the Camera on the second tab and then pop back to the list the items are gone. I do not have to save the data for this to happen. This seems to be linked to using the native feature. On the third tab I’m using the native map and sometimes going to that tab and returning to the list causes the issue.

In an attempt to correct the issue, I’ve created a brand new project adding the plugins back via the command line and then moving my code over, yet the issue is still there.

Any suggestions?

@ionic/cli-utils  : 1.13.1
ionic (Ionic CLI) : 3.13.1

global packages:

cordova (Cordova CLI) : 7.1.0

local packages:

@ionic/app-scripts : 3.0.0
Cordova Platforms  : android 6.2.3
Ionic Framework    : ionic-angular 3.7.1


Android SDK Tools : 26.0.2
Node              : v6.11.4
npm               : 5.4.2
OS                : Windows 10


backend : legacy


Anyone have any suggestions? Maybe a work around for the virtual scroll blank list issue?


Upgrading to 3.9.2 seems to have fixed this issue for me.