Ionic 2 and VirtualScroll Problem


I’m facing a problem with the VirtualScroll and I just don’t know how to solve it.

Everytime that the user zoom or pan the map I make an http request to fetch some content in the server. After get the server answer I populate an array to be presented on the screen using VirtualScroll, but the information is never shown.

Ionic Framework: 2.2.0
Ionic Native: 2.4.1
Ionic App Scripts: 1.1.4
Angular Core: 2.4.8
Angular Compiler CLI: 2.4.8
Node: 6.10.0
OS Platform: Windows 10
Navigator Platform: Win32

The html code:

<ion-content class="default-background">
 <div #map id="map" ></div>

 <div id="gas-stations-list">
    <button ion-item (click)="showDataOnList()">
     <ion-spinner id="bubbles" name="bubbles"></ion-spinner>
     <ion-list [virtualScroll]="gasStationsList">
            <ion-item *virtualItem="let gasStation" color="secondary">
                 <ion-avatar item-left>
                      <ion-img src="assets/imgs/marker_br.png"></ion-img>

The server always brings the right information and my array is full of items.

When the button “MyButton” is triggered it calls a function that reset the array items again and after that the items appear in the list. (When I press the side menu button, the items appear as well)

Can someone please help me with this problem?