Native angular pipes not working; just in browser


Hello, (it’s me)
i am building a App to show movies and tv shows, whatever, doesn’t matter.
So, i want to use angular 2 native pipes and it works in the browser (Chrome) however, doesn’t work in my built app to Android SO.
Here is some prints how it looks like in browser and then, in Android.
Imgur album
Well, looking in the forum i found a supposedly solution: install Intl. So, i installed this dependency and added the scripts to index.html and then i built the app again. This didn’t work.
So, what can i do?

PS: i created custom pipes to my app and it works. Apparently, angular native pipes like number and date, that i want to use, doesn’t work.

Thk, Lucas.


Personally, I think you’re better off avoiding anything that relies on the JavaScript i18n API, at least at this point. Here’s a tracking bug in Angular about the issues. Moment.js does a much better job on dates and times, and it looks like numeral.js strives to do the same for numbers and currency. It’s trivial to roll your own pipes that use these libraries, and makes for one less thing you have to worry about relying on underlying browsers for.


Ok, thank you. And how can i import that to my app?