Ionic2, angular2, number pipe failing


Using tabs template created with ionic version 2.1.1 & cordova version 6.4.0 tried adding es6-shim but can not get this simple number pipe to work

<ion-badge>{{item.sum | number:'1.2-2'}}</ion-badge>

Tried to install cordova-plugin-crosswalk-webview resulting in minSdkVersion="16" and targetSdkVersion="23" tested on updated Android 6.0.1 device

Any pointers on what I’m missing?


The DecimalPipe docs mention

WARNING: this pipe uses the Internationalization API which is not yet available in all browsers and may require a polyfill.


Beyond that, I have been told there are issues with Pipes in Angular 2.0.0 when using ngc. We’re looking at upgrading to the latest version which fixes the issue for RC2.



Was under the impression that crosswalk wouldn’t need the polyfill for Intl.

Any input on what the preferred way is, for including this in an Ionic2, Typescript app?


Is there a roadmap where you can read about upcoming release dates? ETA?


@danielwertheim You’re right, that browser should support Intl. Must be the issue that @danbucholtz mentioned, i.e. angular/angular#11642.

You should be able to upgrade your Angular dependencies without waiting for a new Ionic release; I’m using Angular 2.1.x and it seems to work fine.


We’ve seen parts of ionic-angular break when upgrading to the latest Angular compiler so there were some unintended breaking changes in the Angular release. We’re working on updating for RC2.



So you don’t recommend updating? What is the recommendation then? Polyfill? If so, what is the recommendation in Ionic2 with TS for bringing in polyfills?




Tried with getting Angular 2.1.2 in place as well as latest zone.js and rxjs. Then the ionic build command fails. Guess I’ll just remove the usage of the pipe and await next release of Ionic.