Native Android video jumps to fullscreen, even with playsinline

I’ve been working on a WebRTC based video chat app, and have an issue that seems to be with the Android Native build. When in a video chat, if the Android device is rotated horizontally one of the videos is jumped into fullscreen mode, leaving the other video feed behind it. I’m not sure how to disable this feature from happening, and I’m sure it’s handy most the time, but I want to block this functionality altogether. I’ve considered locking the orientation to portrait mode, but I’d like to allow for landscape if at all possible, and I don’t even know if locking the app to portrait would fix the issue anyways.

  1. Is there a proper way to add the ‘playsinline’ and ‘webkit-playsinline’ attributes? Both within the HTML tag and via Javascript(TS) with video.setAttribute… etc? (I use both methods for when video chat members are added, and I seem to run into a different way of doing it with every doc or forum I visit on the subject)

  2. Is there an override or setting that I’m missing, in a config.xml or manifest?

<video id="localVideo" webkit-playsinline playsinline muted="true" autoplay controls></video>

video.setAttribute('playsinline', 'playsinline');
video.setAttribute('webkit-playsinline', 'webkit-playsinline');

Ionic 3.20.0