How to play video inline in iOS (not in full screen)?

I’m a beginner currently writing an hybrid app using IonicFramework.

In usual case in iOS, all the videos plays in full screen.

But what I want to implement is that video plays in the originally embedded area like Android does.

Is there any trick that I can enable inline video in Ionic?

I have two related posts on StackOverFlow, but it seems that I need to modify native property of iOS webview.

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Hi ohtangza, did you ever end up fixing the problem? My company and I have the same issue right now. If you did, I’d love to hear from you. Thanks!
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Sorry that I did not remember exactly on this issue. My team switched to
React Native afterwards.

This is technically possible on iOS, but still not sure if it is supported
in webview-based one.

Ok- we’re still working on it. Thanks anyway!

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MAybe have a look on this issue :

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Did anyone ever manage to fix this issue?