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do you have any idea how to change name of the app in the video preview (when screen is locked)? Normally I changed tag name MKC and when the app is installed name of the app is also proper (as tag name referes).

But in my app i have video and audio player and when i lock the screen instead of name of my app i have “Ionic App”. I removed app from my devices, simulator, I also removed ionic cordova rm ios and added it again, but nothing helped. Any idea what can it be?

I think you must change name element at config.xml file.

The <name> element specifies the app’s formal name, as it appears on the device’s home screen and within app-store interfaces.

config.xml File

i’ve already did it before, and in fact it changed app’s name on my screen. Problem still occures only when i lock the screen in a way i showed at my post.

Do a string search in your project for ‘Ionic App’, including the build artifacts. I suspect maybe the plugin that you are using for the music playback might be the issue.

Simple bro!
Add import {Title} from ‘@angular/platform-browser’;

Add (private titleService: Title) in constructor

And in code use (this.titleService.setTitle({APP TITLE}):wink:

You Are Welcome in Advance!
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