My New App very slow


I am building a new app with ionic material design. But it seems to be very slow. It breaks now and then. Scroll is not proper. Please if any one facing this issue let me know. I am not getting native like performance.


You will not be able to get native-like performance, that’s the sacrifice you need to bear for faster cross-platform development.

Though you can make it faster if you follow these tutorials:

These two articles are the best advices I can give you right now.


Never use animations when you target Android as it is very fragmented. I don’t use animations and I set the grade of browser as ‘c’ if the Android version is less than 4.4.

This way my apps are decent with no significant lag.


Take a look at a link I provided above. You can successfully use transition animations with Android (including low-level devices), but there’s a little catch.

Look at these:

  • CSS animations on a low-level Android smartphone:

- Native animations on a low-level Android smartphone: