Ionic basic page transitions insanely slow on Lollipop

I’ve reviewed all of the other page transition threads but none of them fix my problem.

We have an app that has a link to a different page. When the new page is displayed, it slides in from the right (this is the default behavior) and it is very laggy. Once the page itself is on the screen, the performance is fine (when scrolling for example).

The app also has a navigation menu on the left that slides out and that animation works smoothly. It is just the page transition that is laggy.

The page being loaded just displays an image and some text. No ng-repeat, no crazy CSS styles with shadows, nothing. We have tested on a Nexus 5 (bad) and a Galaxy 4 (even worse).

When we view the ionic server from the Chrome app on the device, it works flawlessly. It is only laggy within the app running via ionic run android. iOS also works fine. What should we do to debug this?

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Hallo @lserman ,

Any updates? I get the same issue on lollipop.

Same here! :confused:

Using Lolipop on Moto G 1

use native transitions plugin. android will be slow always no matter what. i have seen native apps also stuttering on googd hardware.

Any updates on this?

Currently developing an app for the GalaxyTab which is unfortunately locked to Lollipop. Page transitions can take up to a full 3 seconds and stutter (badly) when they finally do run.