My Ionic pages goes blank when im trying to refresh the page

I have built an app, which has 2 types of routes


1st domain works perfectly, 2nd domain also works but when i refresh the page like “Domain/home/dashboard” my page goes blank given below is the screenshot.

Please i need urgent support

I think extension is blocking to load, could you try in google chrome without any third party extension

I m getting some extensions error
but not sure what it is.

do you get any error in terminal ? chrome version? i don’t see like your mobile view
disable all extension

I disabled all the extensions and checked, the path which is coming for runtime.js is wrong, its coming as “Domain/home/runtime.js”
it should be “Domain/runtime.js” , idk how its coming like that.

did you edit base href in index.html ? if possible create minimal repo to reproduce share it with github

Can u provide me ur github username, ill share the access with u.

i have given u the access plz check

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Hello, it is working at my end i can see tabs and awesome background look like aaladin

now what you can do just delete node_modules and install npm install
npm -v

node -v

It works normally
but when we reload/refresh the page

It doesnt work

I would suggest reading the Angular deployment documentation.

its too late today, i will check it in morning

U tried refreshing the page ??
Got the issue??

as i said here, base href was wrong in index.html

  <base href="./" />

change this to

  <base href="/" />

with above changes it will work

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