My buttons wont in android

I have this code in my ionic app
<div class="list"> <a ng-repeat="listItem in listItems | orderBy:'distance'" class="item item-thumbnail-left" href="#"> <img src="../img/Bazinga.jpg" alt="Bazinga"> <h2>{{listItem.cerrajeria}}</h2> <h3> <i class="icon ion-ios-location-outline"></i> {{listItem.domicilio}} </h3> <h3> <i class="icon ion-ios-telephone-outline"></i> {{}} </h3> <h3 ng-show="listItem.cel != ''"> <i class="icon ion-android-phone-portrait"></i> {{listItem.cel}} </h3> <h3 ng-show="listItem.whats != ''"> <i class="icon ion-social-whatsapp-outline"></i> {{listItem.whats}} </h3> <p style="color: #387ef5; text-align: right">{{listItem.distance | number: 2}} km</p> <button class="button icon ion-social-whatsapp-outline button-outline button-balanced"> </button> <button class="button icon ion-ios-telephone-outline button-outline button-positive"> </button> <button class="button icon ion-ios-plus-empty button-outline button-assertive" ng-click="go('{{listItem.cerrajeria}}')"> </button> </a> </div> **strong text**

this function is in my controller
$scope.go = function ( cerrajero){ location.href = '#/app/cerrajerias/' + cerrajero; }

When i check the app in android emulator, only my first’s item buttons work and the others dosent . I cant click on them it seems that they aren’t buttons, but text or images