My app works fine the first time it lauch, but when launch for second time doesn't

Hello! I’m new in the world of Ionic, I don’t understand why this happened to me, this is the brief story:

Two friends and I are developing an Ionic app, they can run and use the app well so far on any device. I ran the same code with the same plugins and the same parameters and the app launch fine on the device, but when i close or exit from the app, when i opened it again nothing works, some buttons or links just not respond and the navigation of the app is all screw up… I don’t know what else to do, the only “fix” i can apply for this is deleting the app and reinstall again, but the same problem appears.

Can anybody explain what i’m doing wrong, or what i’m not doing? Thanks a lot.

P.D: i believe it could be something about the plugins, but i have this problems only when the app is compiled on my computer. Otherwise, the app works fine for my other friends when compiled on theirs computers.

Same here , app work for first time only…then its keep loading but don’t load the app