Ionic doesn't work the second time I load it?! Also doen't work on

This is the strangest bug - and only affects android.

I package the app using 'ionic package’
install the app on my device (s6 edge)
run the app (it works perfectly)
I close the app(clear it from memory) in the task manager (it doesn’t close with the back button for some reason)
I open the app again, and all I can see is the slide menu and the header - the rest of the screen is just white -
I can’t seem to debug the app either in google chrome to see what’s going on… is that because it is a release build? I have done ionic package build android -profile xx --release

I am really stuck - and I need to release this yesterday!

I have just tried it on galaxy note 8.0 on Android 4.2.2 - and it doesn’t even load once!

Were you able to figure this out? I am running into the same issue on Android. I can pause/resume the app fine using the home button, but the hardware back button pause/resume causes my app to only show a white screen and load slowly the first time. The second time I use the back button, I only get a white screen. When I click around, I can get the application to display, but none of the events work anymore and the styling is gone.

This is happening to me, but with Ionic 2. I’m trying to use Pro to check, but it seems this error occurs before the Ionic App even initializes. Furthermore, it only happens in --release and not the debug build.