My App is works on web browser and emulator but not on Mobile device

Hey guys. I started Ionic two days back. and I moving really fast with it. but now i am stucked at one point now.

My App runs really well on the Web Browser and emulator but when i run it on the Devices none of the angular code is getting executed.

can somebody tell me what would have went wrong.
please let me know if you want to look at code and which part i would post it.

what are you getting on screen ?

is the app rendering properly ?

post code and screen shot if possible, it impossible to tell you anything without information.
also if you are using android there might be error mentioned in the logcat

its not working in emulator too

this is the first screen on web browser

where on clicking signup it ill got to second screen and i have written it in ng-click (just to test)
and this is second screen on web browser

and it works on browser

but on emulator its not moving to other page

this is my app.js

and this is my controller.js

What do the device / simulator error logs say?

see its again working on emulator i dint even changed the single code BTW.

but its not running on mobile. neither getting the uuid nor the ng-click works

i hope u did a ionic build android / ios before deploying…

all the changes made to www folder (in the project root and NOT the one inside platform folder ) would require a ionic build to implement changes. Also on android its better to remove(uninstall) the APK from the emulator and on eclipse do a clean , and then run on emulator, sometimes the apk in NOT reinstalled without the clean

Again, what do the logs say? If its not working, there are going to be logs.

See above if you’re not familiar with ADB.


I have same case. Works on browser, emulator but once on device ng-click not working. Renders fine on device. How you solved issue ?