Mx.ferreyra.callnumber keeps coming back

I had installed call number native and I’ve changed my mind after a while and uninstalled it. but every time that i build my apk file it just keeps coming back and add itself to my config file.
is there a way to get rid of it?

How did you uninstall it?
Make sure the package is removed from config.xml and package.json manually.
Maybe also remove and re-add the platform to rebuild the platform completely.

i have uninstalled it by these commands:
ionic cordova plugin rm call-number
npm uninstall --save @ionic-native/call-number
then i removed Mx.ferreyra.callnumber manually from my config file, package.json and even package-lock.json.
also i noticed a folder named Mx.ferreyra.callnumber in my node-module folder. so i delete it manually to. i’m not sure i did s right thing or not but now i cant build my app anymore. it stops by this error:
:app:transformDexWithDexForRelease FAILED

ok. i dont know why. but i removed my android platform and installed it again and now it works fine