CallNumber plugin not supporting Ionic anymore?

Just added this plugin to one of our projects recently, but haven’t managed to get it working.

Looking through their github, a couple of other devs have been having very similar issues.

The Readme on their github has been updated to indicate that it should be installed only through npm, not through "cordova plugin add"

The developer that maintains the plugin has been closing the issue threads more or less as soon as anyone replies to the threads with "Remove through cordova plugin and install through NPM"
Which isn’t helpful for developers using Ionic.

Considering this, will Ionic still consider this plugin supported? Does anyone know if the dev maintaining this has any intention to re-introduce support for cordova?

Are you talking about an Ionic Native plugin? Could you provide a link to it?

I don’t think you need to. If you have the in app browser it’ll launch the dialler anyway.

 setTimeout(() => {
      let tel = '12345678890';`tel:${tel}`, '_system');

I tend to put into a timeout as it allows the button to do its click animation whilst the phone thinks about the action you’ve requested.