Music Controls plugin not working (typescript)

Hello I am just trying to implement the Music Controls plugin in my application.
I cannot get it to work.

For now all I try to do is import it in my app.module.ts file.

so the only line I have added so far is

import { MusicControls } from '@ionic-native/music-controls';

But this make my application crash.
Here is the error show on ionic:serve

It crashes on browser but on mobile as well

DId you follow the other steps of installing Ionic Native and the other things you have to do before being able to use a Ionic Native plugin?

Yes i did both commands to install the cordova and the ionic 2 plugin

$ ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-music-controls
$ npm install --save @ionic-native/music-controls

And the rest of the instructions?

Well it starts with the code line I have added. And this should not crash the application.

I meant the “Add this plugin to your app’s module” part that links here:

This is exactly what I am trying to do.
Import the module in my AppModule. And this does not work