Multiple views with tabs causing jumping between views

So I have a Bottom Tabbed interface, with a listed Contact View. When you click on a contact it takes you too a Contact Details View for that contact.

Both Views have additional ion-tabs within them. The first Contact View works as expected, you can tab between “Friends”, “Favorites”, and “Requests”. The problem happens when you enter the Contact Details View, clicking on any tab for that Contact will successfully switch tabs, but immediately take you back to the Contact View screen.

Here’s a Plunker that shows what I mean:

For some reason in this Plunker it’s defaulting to the Requests tab. So click Favorites, then Friends.
Click on a Contact and then a Tab for that Contact. It will take you back to the first screen.

So no response from the community, but I think the problem is related to caching, which was my suspicion. I’m going to try re-writing my state code to see if it fixes it. Related:

I ended up hard coding the additional tabs as HTML in each view.