Multiple Version of Ionic

I can have multiple version of Node using NVM or such tools but how I can have multiple version of ionic on my machine because it’s required to be installed globally.

this tuto will help you :

It’s only the Ionic CLI that is installed globally, not the framework. The Ionic CLI works with all versions of the framework, so there’s no need to have multiple versions installed.

Maybe you are right but it’s not necessary (sorry for my lake of knowledge). Plus how I can generate version 2 project with ionic 3 cli?

How I can have multiple version of CLI under in same Node version?

Version 2 is just Version 3 with more bugs. If you’re asking about 2 and 3, then I’d say the correct answer is: don’t do it. Upgrade all your v2 projects to v3. Your question matters for Ionic 1 vs Ionic 2/3, and probably for any of the three vs Ionic 4, but I’m not sure.

Well it’s not easy/practical to convert one large code base to another version overnight.

@itsaboutcode have you find solution, if yes can you please share, it would help us


Same problem. I have a Ionic 3/cordova project and I need start a New project with ionic 4/Capacitor on the same pc.

How do I do?