Multiple side menus and tabs

Hi I’m creating an app that will have a number of different menus/tabs throughout.

There will be a profile page that will need to have its own menu after being directed from the main menu

There will be the main menu that will navigation to all the different pages within the app.

There will be a chat that will be a link on the main side menu that will then have its own tabs to navigate to the chat room, logout and chats. (I already have the chat set up but I want to implement other features to my app)

currently this is just a tab app but like I say above I would like to have both side menus and tabs

Please can someone help me with this tried a few things out but nothing seems to work

Here is some images of the chat feature working with the tabs but I don’t want this to be the starting point to the app. I want the user to be able to go to the chat by clicking on the side menu on the homepage