Multiple projects with the same base

I’m developing an AngularJS/Ionic.v.1 App and my goal is doing an product. In detail, I want to create an core project and multiple child project that incorporate the core. Every child project can have different customizations (change color, change images and new features).

All this one is necessary because if I have an bug or global new feature I must fix or develop one time and not n.

On this project I’m using GIT so I could create an brach for every child project (clients) and my develop is the core but I’m not convinced that this is the best practice.

Is there a better way to do this?

Thank you in advance.


You’re planning to build a Hybrid Mobile App so I assume you’ll be supporting multiple mobile platforms (e.g., iOS and Android). And, using Cordova plugins to take advantage of native device features. What about a Desktop version (packaged using Electron and Electron Builder)?

Have you thought about using a Cordova plugin to share code between projects?


Why Ionic 1.x? Why not Ionic 3.x?