Multiple Pages in a Module

Can we have multiple pages in a module which is loaded lazily ? OR Only one page per module is allowed to achieve lazy loading ?

why would you want to have multiple pages in one file?
you could generate your pages with ionic g page [name], as long as I’m concerned are they setup for lazy loading by default, if you only wanted to reduce your work for lazyloading your pages in the future

How can i navigate between 2 lazy loaded pages in Ionic 3 ?
Say, tabs page is loaded lazily and one of the tab is Module-1. When i try to push another page (Just page without any module) within the tab, getting error of “no entry component found” though the new page is already added in the entry components list of tab module.


maybe you are looking for this:
or that

where this ‘myPage’ is lazy loaded. As you see the argument is a string. For proper working you must implement correct lazy loading requerments

otherPage is a object and for proper working app.module.ts must implemented correctly.

best regards, anna-liebt.