Lazy Loading Pages/Modules

So I’m trying to implement the normal angular approach to lazy loading but am running into issues with loading some pages.

So I have a Reports module which consists of 3 pages. I defined the pages within the module that is lazily loaded, however when I try to navigate to any of these pages I just get the error telling me to add the pages to my @ngModule entryComponents, which I did…

Does anyone have a working example of lazily loading a module with multiple pages to navigate to?

Read the official Ionic blog posts about lazy loading. There are at least two. Though what made the light bulb go off for me was reading through this repo.

Right. I already read up on those and they make sense, however I struggle with having one module per page, it seems like overkill…

Is there a way for me to have pages without a module and import those pages in a separate module other than app.module?

Like I have my reports.module which has the ReportSummaryPage. This page then navigates to a DetailsPage but I don’t have a module defined for the DetailsPage. I want to define that page within the reports.module…

i hope that makes sense

Any update on this, if it is possible or not?

I also want to have single module for multiple pages

That’s an Angular approach to Web apps, i.e

 path: 'admin', 
 loadChildren: '../../app/admin/admin.module#AdminModule', 
 canLoad: [AuthGuard]

But Ionic doesn’t have a routing system that works this way. As far as I know, what you want to do is

  1. Not possible or
  2. Not suggested

I believe the point of Lazy Loading in Ionic IS to have a module per page.