Multiple ionic popups freeze my app

I am using ionic popup component in my app, and sometimes i need to display two or more popups one behind other one. On some occasions when multiple popups are fired, application freeze, background div is not removed.

did you find any solution for this?

I don’t know if it has been fixed, i just disabled opening new popup if old one is not closed first.

I would love to see a fix for this issue. With ionic 1.1.0 I cannot open up multiple popups without freezing the whole program. In the promise following the “OK-click” nothing happens in my case, so I would expect the stacked popups to be closed subsequently.

Update: Just for the record, the bug is covered in this issue (including a preliminary fix):

Hi! I had the same issue, but I solved why it happens.
First example working properly, second example blocks whole application.

function showAlert(title, message) {
  var alertPopup = $ionicPopup.alert({
    title: title,
    template: message

  return alertPopup;

// first case, working properly
function firstCase() {
  showAlert('INFO', 'Test message 1');
  showAlert('INFO', 'Test message 2');

// second case, not working properly
function secondCase() {
  showAlert('INFO', 'Test message 1');
  setTimeout(function() {
    showAlert('INFO', 'Test message 2');
  }, 0);