Issue when opening a popup from a popup


We have a scenario where we end up opening one popup from another popup. When we do this, the first one does not get removed from the DOM so even though it appears as though all popups are closed, you cannot click any other buttons on the page.

Furthemore if you click where the popup was, the 2nd popup re-opens. This was working fine before we upgraded to 1.1. It also appears to be a bug in the nightlies…

Here’s an example


So I solved this by wrapping the call to the new popup in a $timeout…


Thats kinda wierd I’m curious to know why that happens. Tried calling some myPopup.close() here and there to see if that fixed it but no…


Faced same issue. Opening multiple popover from popover are not getting closed in ionic 1.1. They are getting closed in 1.0.


:frowning: I have the same problem, after update to 1.1.0 the popup handling changed,
a similar issue was already reported:

I will also try the solution to encapsulate $ionicPopup in my own service to check if there is already an opened popup, which is closed before the new one is opened

hopefully ionic will fix it again