Multilevel/Hierarchical list Example?

Hi is there any example of a hierarchical multi level list / Tree view somewhere ?

I have tried using a hierarchy of ion-item and that seems to work overall ,

But are there recommended ways to take advantage of the ion-list and ion-item directives while :

  • having the parent item the left / right icons not centering center and staying anchored at the top of the parent item.
  • avoiding children to have a border
  • overall controlling better the content of each list item beyond the “left icon + text + secondary text + right icon” base layout

Thanks !

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Hello -

I needed a treeview within an ionicframework app and stumbled across this post. I imagine you’ve already found an approach that works for you so this is geared toward those that follow.

I decided that ya-treeview was the best fit for my needs. Here’s a plunker that shows what it looks like.

I needed to do a bit of work to get it to work with ionicframework - here are further details on how I did that: