Multi-Level Sidemenu



how i can build a Multi-Level Sidemenu in Ionic?

I want to build this in Ionic, but i have no idee to make it :S

And i need 4 Levels to display 120 Pages/Menu Items in different levels (Encyclopedia) :S


It is doable but 120 Pages in a sidemenu is way too much. You should consider having your main page as a list for your Menu. That way you can have a list of 4 levels that contain other lists.


You mean, this example?

On the Content is a List, this open another Page with a list etc.?

Content-> List -> List -> List -> List?


I concord with @zouzouek: if you use you main page like a menu, you can permit to your user to turn back via normal header back menu. In a side menu this is not possible or to much complicated.



Something like this:

You have your main categories that open up to show sub-categories. On click of the sub categories u can navigate to a new page that shows your content and has a back button to your main menu.

You only need to design two templates for this:
1. Main Menu: Display List
2. Content page: Takes the topic that was clicked and displays the information about it. Also displays back button to return to main menu.

Hope this was clear :smile: