Ionic 4 : Multilevel ion menu with animations

Hello !

I want to achieve this with ion menu, plus a back button on the second level :

I have not found anything about this type of multilevel menu on Ionic Forums.

Ideally i would like to keep all the levels on the same page, for example my code with no animation inside the sidemenu

<ion-menu side="start" menuId="sidemenu">
    <ion-list #level1 [hidden]="playlist">
      <ion-item *ngFor="let playlist of playlists" (click)="loadPlaylist(playlist.uid)" class="ion-activatable">{{}}</ion-item>
    <ion-list #level2 [hidden]="!playlist">
			<ion-buttons slot="start">
      <ion-item *ngFor="let scene of scenes" (click)="loadScene(scene.uid)" class="ion-activatable">
		<ion-note slot="start">{{scene.number}}</ion-note>
ionViewWillEnter() {
	if(this.scene == undefined)"sidemenu");

loadPlaylist(uid:string) {
	this.playlist = this.playlists.find(p => p.uid == uid);
	this.scenes = this.producer.scenes.find(s => s.playlistUid == uid);

loadScene(uid:string) {
	this.scene = this.scenes.find(s => s.uid == uid);"sidemenu");

closeScene() {
	this.scene = undefined;"sidemenu");

Thanks !