Multi language implement on dynamic data application

hi everyone ,

i am new member of ionic family, i need to implement multi language in my application . But the thing is i can not use the file based translation because the data is dynamic and its coming from database . and user can be around the world so. i need to translate it to the mother language.

Can anyone help me out to resolve this issues.

Figure out the language you want to show for the user, send it via the API used to load the data from the database, return the requested language, show the returned data.

thnak you … i think that would work fine…bt can we use google translation in ionic application in same as the google translation is been used on website.

Translate on the fly? Probably not as the user could be offline and I am not sure if the content is accessible at all. It would probably also mess with Ionic internals.

i think you are correct and now i am try to translate data from api , as you have told me… thank you for your use full response.

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Can u suggest any blog regarding
"Multi language implement on dynamic data application"