Language Translator

How to translate the json response from api to any other language. With i18n we create our own json. But how dynamic json data will be translated in Ionic 3.

Waiting for your replies!!

just look at this link

I have seenthis link. But again this contains i18n json file which has json
for the words that needs to be translated. So it is good for translating
static data. Whose defination is in that i18n json file. But data from api
is dynamic amd it can not be handled in this way

Only way this can work:

a) Your API has to give you translated content
b) You need another API that you can give the dynamic content that then gives you translations
c) You know all the dynamic content and keep a file with all translations locally

a) is to be preferred of course.

Actually it is client demand. He has the website which dynamically
translates the data from api . He wants me to implement the same in ionic
app without make changes in api.

But i feel there is no other way to do this.
But thanks for your suggestions.
I appreciate :blush:

Well, how is the website doing this?

It is a wordpress website. He said, he is doing this plugin.

Then: How is this plugin doing it?