Move all content above keyboard

Hey guys,

So I’m working on a chat app, and I would like the most recent chat to appear when the software keyboard is open. On both Android and iOS the keyboard simply overlays the entire element. The user has to scroll up to see the most recent message

I’m using keyboard attach to move my input footer up with the keyboard, is there a similar directive to move the whole content above the keyboard. Let me know if you require any more information.

Here’s a gif of my problem:


You could try to call $ionicScrollDelegate.scrollBottom(); on focus on the text area? You might need to resize the scroll after keyboard is done opening and before scrolling tho.

I had a problem with this for Ionic 2 but was able to come up with a solution that was really easy, for anyone with the same issue, feel free to check my solution out, it should work for any Ionic 2 page: