Pushing ion-content contents up when keyboard opens

I have a messaging app whose code structure is in this sequence -

  <!-- normal header icons/buttons -->
  <!-- messages holders elements -->
  <ion-input><!-- For submitting message --></ion-input>

This is layout without keyboard opened -


This is how it looks when keyboard opens(after clicking on input text field) -


It pushes the text field up and hides latest conversation. I am planning it to be like WhatsApp’s keyboard behavior.
It should push text field up(which is correct) and it should also resize the ion-content part to keep the view on the same element/conversation as it was without the keyboard.

Replication of this behavior - Ionic conference app.

I believe that solution with (android:windowSoftInputMode=“adjustPan”) can work, but that requires overriding many default behavior in iOS and Android.

Has anyone came up with a better solution? Do I need custom listeners to scroll messages to keep the view same?
I have tried ion-content resize.