Mouse wheel and scrolling ionic app

Hi folks, while testing ionic on the Desktop (either using ionic serve or via electron), I’ve noticed in one of my screens, which is basically a long collection-repeat of events, mouse-wheeling does not work with scrolling - it scrolls a few steps and stops. This is not the case in other screens and I’ve tested other codepen collection-repeats and they work with the mouse-wheel.

Can someone suggest what may be causing the issue with my template?


Okay, if I switch to ng-repeat there is no scrolling wheel problem.
I don’t want to switch to ng-repeat for devices, but for desktop its fine.

Is there a way to do a ternary operator what switches between ng-repeat or collection repeat? I currently have this, which I don’t like:

                <div ng-if="$root.platformOS=='desktop'">
                       <ion-item ng-repeat="event in events| filter:search.text" item-height="event.Event.height" id="item-{{$index}}">
                    <div ng-if="$root.platformOS!='desktop'">
                       <ion-item collection-repeat="event in events| filter:search.text" item-height="event.Event.height" id="item-{{$index}}">

The final solution I used solved this very elegantly. (Thanks to stackoverflow)

// switch between collection repeat or ng-repeat
.directive('repeat', function ($compile, $rootScope) { 
  return {
    restrict: 'A',
    priority: 2000,
    terminal: true,
    link: function (scope, element) {
      var repeatDirective = ($rootScope.platformOS == 'desktop') ? 'ng-repeat' : 'collection-repeat';
      //console.log ("*********** REPEAT SCROLL IS " + repeatDirective);

      element.attr(repeatDirective, element.attr('repeat'));