Make mousewheel only scroll hovered content


I see mousewheel support has been added to the Custom Scroll feature, but the mousewheel scrolls all content areas instead of just the content area being hovered over. I want to be able to scroll the side menu without the main content scrolling, and vice versa. Will this issue be fixed in a future release?



We can open an issue for this, but it shouldn’t really be a big issue. Since the app will be targeted for mobile, it will be using touch events, which work properly :smile:


True, it works great on mobile, but Ionic is so cool I use it even for the desktop version of my site ( I have been using the overflow-scroll=“true” option, but this limits the use of the additional built-in scroll features like infinite scroll and using the $ionicScrollDelegate service methods. I understand that Ionic is targeted for mobile, but I, and I would guess many others, are starting to use it as a complete solution (desktop web, mobile web, and app). If I opened an issue for making Ionic’s Custom Scroll feature work on desktop browsers, what is the likelihood of it being addressed?


We’re pretty clear on where Ionic should fit it.

Ionic is focused on building native/hybrid mobile apps rather than mobile websites.

IMO, Ionic shouldn’t be used for desktop solutions. We have very limited browser support (mainly webkit for now) and the UI is more for mobile app than desktop sites.

You can open an issue for this, but as to the likelihood that it will be address, I can’t say.


Okay. I’ll probably open an issue and see what happens. I noticed that previously the mousewheel didn’t work at all, and now it does, which shows there is some willingness to work towards desktop compatibility. Thanks Mike for your replies, and congrats on joining the team.


Yah, I think that the mouse-wheel was to make things a bit easier when debugging on desktop, AFAIK.

And thanks, its a great team to be working for :smile: