Modifying the tabs example

Hey guys, I am new to ionic and was starting to learn by modifying the tabs example.
My goal is to use button-bars instead of the default ion-tabs.

The tabs.html file is

<ion-header-bar class="bar-subheader">
  <div class="button-bar" >
    <a title="Schedule" class="button button-stable" ui-sref="tab.schedule" >Schedule</a>
    <a title="Control" class="button  button-royal "  ui-sref="tab.control">Control </a>
    <a title="FeedBack" class="button button-stable "  ui-sref="">FeedBack</a>


The app navigates to the desired url perfectly but The view pointed by the templateUrl field is not appearing. tab switching takes place but none of the content that the tab is supposed to display is showing up.
Can someone please help me with this
Thank you