Modal controller height - v.0.9.25

Modal Controller background-color: #FFF; should display on the first load on google chrome. I have also tried the nightly build but same result.

It seems the modal height does not immediately takes up the full height of the screen after loading.

Hey I’m a little confused what the issue is here, can you make a codepen/plunkr/jsfiddle for it? Are you trying to display a modal right when the app loads? It could be a timing problem.

Here’s a codepen you can fork if you want to show the problem:

Hi Tim,

The same issue exist using your provided codepen sample… Viewed in chrome Version 33.0.1750.117 using Macbook pro. However, the issues doesn’t occurred in window’s chrome.

Please see attached

I have the same problem with modals in 0.9.25. The modal has a transparent background until it looses focus. FYI, this only happens when you use <ion-content> for the content. If you use a regular div, it works as intended (without the scrolling though).

Any idea what the fix is?

Ah weird, yeah I see the issue on Chrome 33.0.1750.117 on Windows, I was using on older Chrome on Linux when I posted the Codepen, where it seems to work fine.

Made an issue for it here:

These are related:

Hey Adam, Tim,

I am having the same issue using the “indium-iguana” release. When testing on Chrome its fine, but when I test on an android phone running Kitkat 4.4.4 i am noticing this bug erratically.Any thoughts?