Ionic2 v2.0.0beta9 serious Modal bug :(

switching from beta8 to 9 ,
the modal component opens but it is completely transparent
meaning i can press the buttons but i can’t see them.
as i said it was working fine in v2.0.0beta8 !
can some one point me to any mistake that i might have? i can’t see what i’m missing from
the bug fixes/features in beta9 page :

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I think it happened with me. Ion-content get height = 0. You need to set it to 100vh with css. I do not know why it happens. I got multiple components, but could only watch the behaviour in one of them.

I have the same problem. The modal opens and then after about 1s, it goes to opacity .01. Height doesn’t seem to be an issue for me as I can see the faint items in the proper places. I upgraded from Beta.7 to Beta.9 and that’s when it broke. I haven’t found any solution yet.

Hi all, sorry i forgot to post the solution earlier :slight_smile:
turn out the problem was in my bootstrap config :
ionicBootstrap(MyApp, [HTTP_PROVIDERS, DataService, CloneService], {
iconMode: ‘ios’,
pageTransition: ‘ios’,
modalEnter: ‘modal-slide-in’,
** modalLeave: ‘modal-slide-out’,**
backButtonText: “”

as you can see in Bold iv’e forgot to remove those two lines…so

**i want to apologize to all of the ionic team for saying that they have a serious bug…my bad :blush: