Missing images on adnroid device

When I run my ionic (vue) app in the browser (ionic serve) everything is ok, but when I run my app on an android device - there is no image.
I have put images in a few places:
/public/assets/image.png ; /public/assets/img/image.png; /src/assets/image.png; /src/assets/img/image.png

And try to display it as:


Nothing help

Also, I even can not display images from the URL address.

However, on web all is working fine

Here is my code structure

What about /assets/image.png? That is what I am using in Vue.

<img src="/assets/image.png" />

Sorry, I have found the problem. After I added images to my project, in CMD I ran just:
ionic capacitor sync then ionic capacitor open android.
But now I run the command ionic capacitor build android and it’s works