Missing animation when deploy to Android device

When I create a ionic project from the sidemenu template and run ionic serve i get a nice animation when i click the playlist items under the “playlists” menu item. The content slides in from left and the title in the header slides left to make room for the new title, at the same time the menu button changes nicely to a back arrow.
All this works as expected, however when I deploy to my android 5.01 device i loose all the animation goodness.
The content still slides in from left, but the header animation is lost and the old title is just replaced with the new one - making the transition boring.
Can anybody tell me if this is desired behaviour, and what I can do about it?

Thanks in advance.

Figured it out. It seems like it’s ‘by design’. I have no idea why the android ppl should miss out on the animation niceness :slight_smile: Fixed it be setting $ionicConfigProvider.navBar.transition('ios'); in config.