Mismatch of CPU architect. How to fix?

Hi, I just publish my app to Google Play store and wait until my app already published to the store.

I had 2 problem.

First, I cannot find my app by search my app name on the search bar in Google Play Store. So I fix this by log out from my developer account then sign-in with another email account, Lastly I can find my app.

Then I download my app to the device which is Huawei P9.


After download and install, the pp show “Mismatch of CPU architect.” popup and let I download one app from Google Play after I download that app and restart, my app work well.

I let my friend try to download my app as well and He got a Mismatch of CPU architect popup too.

My question is what should I do to fix this problem if I don’t like another user get stuck on Mismatch of CPU architect popup.


Only my point of view, but, is Crosswalk a must for your app respectively are you target user using Android < v5 ?

If no or not really, and since your warning contains “The Crosswalk Project Service”, remove Crosswalk, it’s deprecated and not really needed on Android >= 5 anymore

p.s.: tips and tricks if you remove crosswalk, if after having published a new app to the play store you are still unable to get the new app thru the store, you may face the same problem as I did. to solve this just take care of the build number by yourself by adding android-versionCode in your config.xml. but at first try without, just in case

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I see, I should remove crosswork plugin from my project and hope everything work fine.

Thank you @reedrichards

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cool, give a try, keep us posted, finger crossed!