Migration of Locastorage or Ionic Storage from Ionic 3 to Ioinic v6 (capacitor)

Hi ,
I have a app in ionic v3 with android scheme of ‘file’, later on we converted the app to capacitor App i.e v6 and android scheme supported here is ‘http’ \ ‘https’.

i have tried to add data in sqlite db and then migrate the data, the data gets migrated to scheme http but, when i install my upgraded (capacitor) app on the v3 app, it removes all the data.

i even tired driver order, but from v3 to v6

v3 order:
name: ‘__mydb’,
driverOrder: [‘indexeddb’, ‘sqlite’, ‘websql’]

v6 order:
driverOrder: [CordovaSQLiteDriver._driver, Drivers.IndexedDB],

but data was still getting erased, is there any solution for it.

Past your package.json file… For more details.

Try change version the @ionic/storage for 2.3.1


tried in cordova version of the app, still does not work properly

I got one solution here was checking the config.xml version and making same in capacitor with yaml file.

ref: Automate Cap config