Message: “Cannot start a foreground Service: user denied FOREGROUND permissions.” __proto__: Object

I am using the plugin GitHub - seididieci/capacitor-backround-geolocation: Ionic capacitor backgroung geolocation Plugin for my app background location tracking. Here is method in plugin goForeGround() which is suppose to work when application is in background but it is not working giving me this error

message: "Cannot start a foreground Service: user denied FOREGROUND permissions." __proto__: Object 

Here is my code

  notificationText: "Your app is running, tap to open.",
  notificationTitle: "App Running",
  requestedAccuracy: BgGeolocationAccuracy.HIGH_ACCURACY,
  // Small icon has to be in 'drawable' resources of your app
  // if you does not provide one (or it is not found) a fallback icon will be used.
  smallIcon: "ic_small_icon",
  // Start getting location updates right away. You can set this to false or not set at all (se below).
  startImmediately: true,

In my AndroidManifest FileI have also mentioned this

  <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.FOREGROUND_SERVICE" />

On the phone location is also selected as Allow Always

But still i am receiving this error what could be the reasong