Menu icon (burger) disappears sometimes

Occasionally, but not very often, and not reproducibly, the menu burger icon disappears after doing a this.nav.setRoot() from a page that was navigated to by a this.nav.push().

This doesn’t happen every time and is so rare that it is really hard to track down.

Is there a way to force the menu toggle button to appear after a setRoot?

Hmm, is there a way you could try to replicate it in a small demo app and then push it to github? It could be something to do with your setup and how you’re setting root.

It is one of those really frustrating hard/impossible to reproduce bugs. It happens very rarely and it is difficult to think of anything that is done differently to make it happen. I can only assume it is some particular sequence of nav. setRoot and nav.push that is causing the problem but so far have been unable to make the fault occur at will.

Is there a way to force the menu icon to be active every time a page loads?

No, the menuButton should be part of each page, so I’m not sure where the issue could be coming from.

In my case it does not disappear, but remains disabled. It is when I first do this:

this.nav.push(SelectorPlantillaVentaDetalle, { producto: producto, cliente: this.cliente });

And after that I show an alert with:


Not always, true, but many times it shows the back arrow and also the burger menu icon, both at the same time, and both disabled.

It is interesting you are also using this.nav.present(alert) as well as me. Maybe there is an inteference?

Also having the issue with disappearing menu button. In my case it happens after app is dormant for a while. Do we have any further insight/solution for this?