Memory issues with a simple ionic project


Hello everybody.

We are facing crashes on ios devices.
We tried to solve this on our own but we were not able to find a way to fix this.
Hence this new topic to get some help.

To replicate the problem, we created a simple application with two pages. Each page contains a list of 1000 items. Each item contains a link to the other page.

Simply navigating between these two pages leads to a memory growth that can be observed both in chrome dev tools and in Xcode.
Memory is never freed leading to application crash.

Tested on ios 8.1.3, ios 8.2. Crash is not observed on Android devices.
Tested with ionic versions from 1.0.0-rc.3 to 1.0.0.
The crash is also observed when :

  • we replace <ion-list> and <ion-item> by <ul> and <li>
  • we replace ng-repeat by collection-repeat
  • we use default UIWebview provided by Cordova
  • we use WKWebView Cordova plugin

Tell me if you need more info and thanks in advance for your help and ideas.

Huge battery drain / memory leak on android

We just updated to ios 8.3 and are still observing the issue.

This actually does not seem to be an ionic issue.
Indeed, we have created a version of our test case without any ionic part (available here)
We use this url in a webview and are still observing the memory growth and app crash.


After some investigations,
<ion-content> seems to be the origin of the memory issue.
Just opened a new issue on [github][1].